# Please make this file available to others # by sending it to # # this config file was automatically generated # using lirc-0.9.1-git(default) on Tue Apr 2 01:05:16 2013 # # contributed by demon@pro-linux.de # # brand: Philips # model no. of remote control: Philips_BD_Controller # devices being controlled by this remote: Raspberry Pi # begin remote name Philips_BD_Controller bits 8 flags RC6|CONST_LENGTH eps 30 aeps 100 header 2709 864 one 459 431 zero 459 431 pre_data_bits 13 pre_data 0xEB9 gap 106343 suppress_repeat 4 toggle_bit_mask 0x10000 rc6_mask 0x10000 begin codes KEY_0 0xFF KEY_1 0xFE KEY_2 0xFD KEY_3 0xFC KEY_4 0xFB KEY_5 0xFA KEY_6 0xF9 KEY_7 0xF8 KEY_8 0xF7 KEY_9 0xF6 KEY_AUDIO 0xB1 KEY_SUBTITLE 0x0EB9B4 KEY_BACK 0x7C KEY_BLUE 0x8F KEY_FASTFORWARD 0xD7 KEY_FORWARD 0xDE KEY_REWIND 0xDF KEY_OK 0xA3 KEY_LEFT 0xA5 KEY_RIGHT 0xA4 KEY_UP 0xA7 KEY_DOWN 0xA6 KEY_MENU 0x0EB96D KEY_PLAY 0xD3 KEY_PAUSE 0xCF KEY_STOP 0xCE KEY_POWER 0x38 KEY_RED 0x92 KEY_GREEN 0x91 KEY_YELLOW 0x0EB990 KEY_BLUE 0x8F KEY_ENTER 0xA3 KEY_I 0x1936 KEY_C 0x1963 end codes end remote