Third programming contest – Overview

Background story

Note: This little story is optional and you can skip the section, if you do not want to be wrapped by the dense atmosphere. ;)

Like I said above you're sitting at your desk and do not think about bad things. Frankly you do not think at all but of your finishing time and your cozy bed at home. Starting the job in this strange firm with an umbrella as logo probably was not the the best idea but you have to earn some money somehow.

Now all doors leading to the outside world are firmly closed and even the roller shutters in front of the windows would not open. You're a little bit concerned about the green mist but more disturbing are the screeching noises behind the wall. Who the hell can produce such terrific sounds? And did not your colleague Smith sit there an hour ago?

As you step into the corridor you're almost run over by some scientists. The people are fleeing in panic but seem to be normal in the broadest sense. Only the creature following the crowd does not seem to be this normal with its green, distorted body. It jumps at the
nearest scientist and bites him into his leg. A few seconds later the previously sane lab worker gets a green and unhealthy skin color and he (or it) tries to grab your legs. It is better to run away as fast as you can. But where to?

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