Third programming contest – Conditions

Conditions for participation

The realisation of the bots can be done in any language that is workable with a current Linux system. It is important that the client must connect to the server via

  • address: localhost
  • port: 15000

It is not allowed to connect to any other port (see GUI below) or to manipulate the server or any other client (e. g. by sending too many commands at one time).

The source code of your bot must be distributed under a free license, defined by the Open Source Initiative. Otherwise we cannot publish your work later.

The deadline for all submissions is 19th of December 2010, 11:59 pm. Please send your code to redaktion ETT freiesmagazin PUNKT de. It is possible to send several stages (versions of your AI) so that we can test it meanwhile. We try to give some hints if the bot does not behave the way it should. All submissions we receive after the deadline will not be considered for the contest.

It is possible that you form a team and develop an ai with several programmers. In this case you must share the gift coupon (see below) in your team.

Between the holidays we will let all bots play hide-and-seek and will have the results in mid of January 2011. The contest will include 100 games on different maps. For each map we will calculate the average points and sum them up at the end. This will lead to a ranking that tells us who has won.

The winners will get some gift coupon for Amazon (or Bookzilla if you live in Germany). The first price is a coupon amounting to 50 Euro, the second an amount of 30 Euro and the third price will still get a 20 Euro coupon. The other participants will not win anything but the fun programming their bot – at least we hope that it will be fun.

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