Third programming contest – Task

The task

Goal of the game

The third programming contest of freiesMagazin (with the subtitle “Right2Live”) is based on a simple hide and seek game. There are two teams: Blue and Red, Good and Evil, Human and Zombies – depending on your preferences. At the start all participants are in the blue team and will switch to the red team during the game. You will start in a room, hall or any other free field on the map.

The aim of the game is to earn as many points as you can. On the one hand you can earn points by staying in the blue team, because you will get points for each round in this team. On the other hand you can collect points in the red team if you catch members of the blue team so that they will switch to the red team, too.

Note: Only one instance of a participating bot will play the game. It is not possible that a single programmer will participate with several bots as a team.

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